Technical Specification

SO100T Conveyor Dryer
SO100T Perfomance Specification
Product Moisture Production/Hour
Polyester 14%-2% 699 kgs
Acrylic 15%-2% 658 kgs
Rame/Cotton 29%-12% 535 kgs
Poly/Cotton 25%-4% 488 kgs
Wool/Acrylic 33%-11% 446 kgs
Poly/Cotton 35%-4% 376 kgs
Wool 42%-17% 399 kgs
Acrylic/Cotton 35%-3% 352 kgs
Angora 45%-14% 335 kgs
Cotton 52%-8% 276 kgs
Silk 55%-8% 264 kgs
Rayon 75%-11% 199 kgs
    E200 Operator System
    This system has the capacity to pre-set operating parameters for various product menus. The most commonly used machine settings are easily entered. The operator can select the required product by the simple push of a button.
    Full Fault Diagnostic System
    If a fault occurs, the cause of a fault is immediately displayed for the operator to see. The fault display also provides information to the operator on the relevant circuit reference where the fault has occured and gives a list of check items to clear the fault.
    Built-in Maintenance Reminders
    The E200 Operator screen automatically displays when maintenance should be undertaken and provides a message to the operator.

SO100T Technical Specification
RF Power 100kW
Frequency 27.12MHz
Oscillator Conversion Efficiency 67-72%
Switchgear Klockner-Moeller
Unit Cooling Water
Electrical Supply 360-600V ± 5%
50/60Hz 3 Phase
Overall length single 12875
Overall height 3440
Overall width 2030
Max electrical mains supply 230KVA
E200 Operator Screen

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